Urban Communities: Protecting Our Birthright

We are excited to announce Jacqueline Coleman, MEd, MSM, CLC, CPC,Principal of VisionQue, LLC Washington, DC will facilitate a workshop titled, Health Equity in Urban Communities: Protecting Our Birthright
Many racial and ethnic minority populations experience higher rates of disease and premature death than Whites. Extensive research shows that populations that have systematically experienced this kind of disadvantage, such as racial and ethnic minorities, face greater obstacles to overall optimal health. It is particularly unacceptable that blacks and Latinos, who respectively make up 12% and 17% of the population, represent 44% and 23% of new HIV infections. Creating an equitable health system requires efforts to ensure that all Americans have access to high-quality health care services. This Workshop session will explore the landscape, cause and effect, and strategies to protect and holistically heal urban communities in the United States.