Why Having a Teacher with Dreadlocks Matters

"I don't just look like my students, I share their background. I know their stories, because it's my story too," writes E4E-Connecticut member MacArthur Cheek.


Jesse Turner said…
Bravo MacArthur Cheek for sharing that our students need teachers who look like them, and that increasing a more diverse teaching force requires more than just saying we need more. It requires Connecticut do more "The solution is obvious: we need more teachers of color. But there are significant obstacles that disproportionately impact us, like low salaries and unaffordable housing." ~ MacArthur Cheek .
Yes, young people will not come to a profession that offers them low pay excluding them from owning a home, decreasing benefits, pensions, job security, and with massive student loan debt. Thank you, Mr. Cheek, for speaking truth to power. New teacher-education candidates nationwide are down 40% in 2019.
Dr. Jesse P. Turner
Professor of Literacy, Elementary, and Early Childhood Education