Tom Ficklin Radio Show Mind Meld with Robert Goodrich. R.A.A.C.E.

Really enjoyed  radio Chatting+Facebook Live with Robert M. Goodrich Co-Founder R.A.C.C.E. on Monday April 16, 2018   WNHH 103.5 fm

The Yale Law School 20th Conference on Critical Race Theory was held recently and Robert Goodrich Co-Founder R.A.C.C.E. discussed his reflections and comments from the conference.

Here also is a link to scholarly relevant articles that might be of interest :

Big time thanks to Robert for sharing. Some of the panel topic and keynote reflections   included:
  • "The Miner's Canary: Enlisting Race, Resisting Power, Transforming Democracy"
  • Queer of Color Politics
  • Race & Class 
  • Immigration and Imperialism
  • What are the political, moral and social commitments required moving forward?

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Radical Advocates for Cross-Cultural Education
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