Commission starts investigation into “systemic discrimination”

Connecticut was one of the first if the not the first state to establish a human rights and opportunities commission. So we approaching 2018- mission still to be accomplished, success still depends upon us all. Scot X. Esdaile Tanya Poole Hughes Larry M Stewart Katurah A Bryant Ficklin Media Note: The Commission began its quest in 1943 as the Inter-racial Commission. Its humble enabling statute directed what was then the first public agency of its kind to "investigate the possibilities of affording equal opportunity of profitable employment to all persons." The whole field of inter-group relations was virtually unexplored at the time. The problems were undefined and the solutions were unknown. Yet the mandate had at its core the intention to create an agency that State Senator William Mortensen, who introduced the bill to the General Assembly, hoped would give the "blessings of democracy" to all citizens of the state.... State Department Link

HARTFORD - The state Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities has begun an investigation into potential systemic racial discrimination within the state…