Sexual Abuse at Choate Went On for Decades, School Acknowledges - The New York Times

Ficklin Media Note: The needed reporting on the sexual abuse at Choate Rosemary Hall is rather "immediate" to me. I will be attending my 50th reunion next month. Of course, those in power exerting that power over others in not a new story.

 It is really important from my perspective that but for the Boston Globe articles these personal crimes would not have been so widely known and institutions such as Choate-Rosemary Hall would not have gone to such great lengths to respond in public.

Let the record be very clear , great lengths were taken to obscure, deny and suspend reality previously.

As we know from the Catholic church molestation crisis of who knows how long it was in play, some students at Choate, at other private schools, at other public schools, in other families, in armed service barracks and in casting rooms just to name a few environments - power seduces.

I have spent a few decades involved with creating media, sharing media and producing media .We need to applaud the Boston Globe for keeping the mandate and purpose that the public has a right to know in mind.

There is a fine line between wielding a particular vendetta and exposing the need for public accountability or lack there of.

Choate during those years was like institutions then and institutions now challenged to uphold dignity universally and not to denigrate selectively.  To honor and not to debauch. To nurture and not to negate. To cherish and not to condemn.

Sexual Abuse at Choate Went On for Decades, School Acknowledges - The New York Times: