Community Healing Network, Inc.
26 mins
Sisters and brothers of the African Diaspora, mark your calendars now (for May 21-27, 2017) to join in an online global public conversation to learn more about each other and share strategies for dealing with our common challenges.
In celebration of this third year of the U.N. International Decade for People of African Descent ,the annual Valuing Black Lives Global Emotional Emancipation Summit is launching #ImAfricanBornIn_____WeAreOne
This is a global online campaign in which you will be invited to share your stories about what it's like to be African born and living in your part of the world.
Why? Because wherever we find ourselves geographically, we face similar and daunting challenges. Let's start a conversation to help us develop a unified global response to the challenges before us. This hashtag campaign is designed to help us get that much-needed conversation started.
Stay tuned for more information about how you can participate next month in this simple, but powerful, global action.