Are you living your Soul's Purpose?

Are you living your Soul's Purpose?
We are pleased to announce that Henry will be joining a cohort of visionaries, healers, and thought leaders all sharing their cosmic wisdom around the topic of Soul Purpose in The Turning Point Summit. This online event curated by Dustin Urban will begin April 26th, and the sign up is free! Henry's interview will be centered on the Eris Archetype, and how she gives us important astrological clues about our Deep Soul Intention.

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Watch Henry's FaceBook Live video on the Taurus New Moon of April 26, 2017
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Wednesday morning’s New Moon in Taurus is marked by the stations of two prominent inner planets. These are Venus, whose station to direct motion has already passed, ten days ago on April 15th, and Mercury, whose station direct lies ahead, still a week away. These past and future moments are yet extremely active in the current configuration of this dramatic New Moon. Venus, in changing to forward motion, has remained in tight square with Saturn and in conjunction with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, right up to the present moment. We have been more aware of inner wounding, and held back for more intense bonding in relationship, this entire time. These aspects remain a matter of two degrees from exact in the timing of this New Moon, with Venus about to enter the sign of Aries this coming Friday, breaking the spell. Meanwhile Mercury, in slowing to a crawl and moving only two degrees backward over this next week, leading up to its station on May 3rd, remains in close conjunction with Uranus for that entire period of time, and beyond. This greatly emphasizes the close aspects that Uranus currently makes to Chiron, a semi-sextile, and to Saturn, a trine. Mercury in such close conjunction to Uranus and in trine with Saturn as it stations is quite startling, bringing the trickster archetype to the fore, with an impulse for innovation and change, and for getting to the heart of the matter, independent of consensus thinking...

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