Walk by Faith, Searching for the Truth

I was reminded when a friend sent me the announcement of Dr. Umar Johnson, speaking as part of the 6th Annual Cathedral of the Holy Spirit Youth STEM Conference.

Much of my life has been conditioned by my belief in walking by faith and searching for the truth.

There have been some pretty negative comments made about Dr. Johnson, and it reminded me that there have been pretty negative things said about Jesus, Hitler,  Isaac Newton,Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Creflo Dollar, Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad, Jessie Jackson, Daddy Grace, Rev Ike, and Al Sharpton to mention a few.

Let me state immediately I am not equating or measuring any of the names mentioned above against one another.

I am though intentionally suggesting that these last few thousand of years it seems that human kind and for me ( yes a much , much shorter time) we human species have grappled with describing reality and our intersectionality.

Well it is 2017, and despite  the pandemic of propaganda spewing of the current trump gutter pipeline, it strikes me like a 247365 drone attack from all sides, that information and opinion are bombarding us from all sides.

In some ways we are a free society of expression and in the grand historic and herstoric scheme of things- Dr. Johnson's participation in the upcoming Cathedral of the Holy Spirit Youth STEM conference provides a perfect example that this singular and collective journey for describing ourselves, or