The First Annual HIPHOPED Conference-May 27,2017

Theme: Rethinking Education in Urban Spaces: Engaging Youth through Innovative Pedagogies and Practices
Hip-Hop education is a new field of study in education, which has peaked the interest of many researchers and educators. Many researchers have shown the effectiveness and benefits of using Hip-Hop culture to engage youth in all academic content areas (Petchauer, 2009). In order to further consider the merging of Hip-Hop culture in traditional educational spaces, we must create a dialogue and be critical of these traditional spaces and pedagogies used in order to discover new and innovative ways to educate and value the culture of our youth in educational spaces. The purpose of this conference is to explore the utilization of Hip-Hop culture as a tool to develop innovative practices and pedagogies that can increase the engagement and achievement of all students, especially those from urban communities. The goal of this conference is to create a space shared amongst educators, school leaders, researchers, community members and students to demonstrate and discuss the use of Hip-Hop culture in educational spaces to better serve/engage all students.
The HipHopEd Conference will be hosted at Teachers College, Columbia University and include professional development workshops around literacy, school counseling and STEM, as well as paper presentations that exemplify the conference’s theme. Finally, the HipHopEd Conference will conclude with the 5th annual Science Genius Final Battles featuring student finalist from Jamaica and Toronto.
Abstracts of 250 words for 20-minute paper presentations are welcome as well as other formats (i.e., performance, poetry, autoethnography, and fiction). To submit a proposal for the 2017 HipHopEd Conference please complete the google form by Monday, April 24th.
Registration for the conference will be open mid-April.
Sat 9 AMTeachers College, Columbia UniversityNew York, NY
67 people interested · 24 people going