I just want to be free

How often have we heard the cry " I just want to be free." Not just Phylis Wheatley, or the Amistad political prisoners. Not just the Hebrews in Egypt nor the Scots or the Irish not too mention for that matter the confederacy who stopped talking and took action.

The voluminous historical record of wanting to describe and to define individual agency, personal definition and embracing a unique and liberated self perhaps  extends to the genesis of all recorded thought.

As we move from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali, from Detroit Red to El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe , from Barry to Barack, the individual and collective journey and circuitous search continues.

One day if you drive down Elm st near College st on Yale's Campus, you will see the name John C. Calhoun, the next day you will see Grace Hooper in his place.

Our narrative of what it means to be human and perspective on reality and dare I say truth also seems to evolve and emerge as time passes.  Remember that world was flat for thousands of years.

Negro, Black ,Octoroon, African American, children of the sun, Kemet, sometimes it seems that the back and forth , the sometimes incessant rotation of who is on top, which continent is developed, third world, developing world, white supremacy , black athena, slave versus immigrant, the ten commandments versus the laws of maat, can make the head spin.

The Controversial Dr. Uma Johnson is the keynote speaker at the upcoming Cathedral of the Holy Spirit Sixth Annual STEM conference and in thinking about his being invited and providing the keynote it struck me that the arduous quest of truth on any level not too mention all levels continues.

Divine right of kings, women are not worthy of voting, the aryan race is supreme, dare I say even the belief that there is only one god, ideas abound through history and herstory and where they stop perhaps the Mohegan roulette wheel can tell us !

In the black community, Daddy Grace, Rev Ike, Creflo Dollar, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, yes, Jesse and yes Al, remind us that followers and believers also abound.

I am not making a value judgement or comparison, I am just as struck in particular and am deeply reminded that free speech is so valuable, so needed, should not be censored. I am also reminded that perhaps like no other time on the planet we must be vigilant and realize that the  unprecedented and never before seen power of media can liberate but can also contaminate.