Here's Where Charles Murray, Whose Presence Inflamed Middlebury, Is Speaking Next

The controversial sociologist has visits booked at Duke University, Columbia University, New York University, the University of Notre Dame, and Villanova University.

Here’s Where Charles Murray, Whose Presence Inflamed Middlebury, Is Speaking Next

A protest that turned violent this month at Middlebury College over the divisive author Charles A. Murray has not diminished his appeal on campuses.
The sociologist will speak at Duke University on Tuesday evening, Columbia University on Thursday, New York University on Friday, and the University of Notre Dame and Villanova University later this month, according to his assistant.
Mr. Murray is best known for The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life, in which he and Richard J. Herrnstein argue that genetics may be partly responsible for the achievement gap between white and black students.
Earlier this month a protest of Mr. Murray’s lecture at Middlebury turned violent, and one professor was injured in the scrum.
Mr. Murray will speaking at Duke at the request of students, reports the student newspaper, The Chronicle.
A university administrator, Larry Moneta, told the publication that the university “had no reservations whatsoever” in hosting the sociologist.
Mr. Moneta did say officials would be taking extra precautions given the events at Middlebury. Mr. Murray spoke at Duke in 2013, and in that case students staged a walkout.
A student group associated with the American Enterprise Institute at Columbia invited Mr. Murray to speak at the institution on Thursday. Ahead of his lecture, about two dozen faculty members attached their names to a column that criticized Mr. Murray’s views. But the faculty members also defended the hosting student group’s right to invite him and the author’s right to speak.
“This is a matter of the principle of free speech,” they wrote in the column, which was published on Tuesday.
Ahead of that visit, someone vandalized posters advertising Mr. Murray’s appearance at Columbia. On a picture of him, someone scrawled “white supremacist” across his forehead.
The Chronicle of Higher Education has requested a comment from Mr. Murray.