BWS Woman's Expo

Sponsored by Riviera Bulerin and Options Cleaning Service LLC as well as Dreamlifeworks LLCBlack Wall Street Bridgeport Presents the BWS Women's Expo. Other sponsors include but are not limited to:
Gabana Dahllia & L'avant Garde Hair
Thyhason Adams & The North End Tennis Association
Odie Gomes & Life, Love, & War
Chefren Gray Sr. & The Imperial Beard Company
Gloria Garcia & MissThelmas SoulfoodBar
Maurice Jenkins & Mugger's Marrow, LLC
Hosted by none other than Bobbi Brown with sounds provided by Ms. Sheila Lawrence aka DJ Dance.
At this present time, we are half full. If you would like to represent your business or organization, please register here:
We look forward to sharing this wonderful evening with you...
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