Analysis: Two narratives emerge

“No action by anyone precipitated this or forced it in any way at all,” said Vice President for Communications Eileen O’Connor in a press briefing Saturday morning. “The decision was taken on principle and was the right thing to do in principle.”
University President Peter Salovey reiterated that point in an interview with the News, saying “there was very little talk around the table of political considerations” when the Yale Corporation met to vote on the naming issue on Friday. In a nearly 2,000-word memo announcing the decision to the Yale community, Salovey made no mention of the months of student and faculty advocacy that preceded the University’s renaming decision, although he did note that “community input was indispensable” to the choice of Hopper as Calhoun’s replacement.
The name “GRACE MURRAY HOPPER” appeared in black permanent marker on the sign outside the college’s front entrance on Saturday afternoon, shortly after Yale announced that Calhoun College would