Stream This British Demon-Hunting Comedy on Netflix

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Dear Watchers,
Happy New Year! May all of your resolutions stick. This week is packed with returning network shows, which is a welcome treat after some end-of-year dead zones. I’m particularly glad “The Good Place” is back, and I’m happy over all that the DVR will have its work cut out for it once again.
If you’re looking for more to stream, maybe a binge-worthy show will strike your fancy. Or maybe you resolved to try more foreign films this year? Either way, Watching is here for you.
Reminder: You’re allowed to drink champagne and kiss at midnight every night if you really want to. Just something to consider.
— Margaret Lyons
Susan Wokoma, left, and Cara Theobold in “Crazyhead.”
Susan Wokoma, left, and Cara Theobold in “Crazyhead.” Steffan Hill/Netflix
Stream This British Demon-Hunting Comedy on Netflix
‘Crazyhead,’ Netflix
This six-part British series combines supernatural horror with quirky, dark comedy, throwing in a little romance along the way. In the series, Amy (Cara Theobold) and Raquel (Susan Wokoma) are two struggling outcasts who team up when they realize they’re the only two people who can see the demons who walk among us — and the only two who can do anything about it.
The show gets genuinely gory, so it’s not for the easily squicked out, but its wittiness and smarts make the series worth it for those on the fence about zombie-type stuff. If “Fleabag” and “Buffy” had a demon spawn, this would be it. (Add it to your Watchlist.)