All Roads

Just finished shooting an Inroads event.

I have been fortunate to  have photo documented several Inroads' events. An each time I increasingly sense and believe even more deeply in this initiative and the strategic and tactical socio-political-economic intervention.

Belief systems are fragile even if  we hold on to them for dear life.

Certainly believing that the American People will do the right thing even when the options are "narrow" came crashing down like Humpty Dumpty  in November. Perhaps we will pick yourselves up after the Jan 20th imposter day of the macabre.

But I digress.

To believe in something strongly can always set one up to be disappointed, but I am still placing my bets on Inroads.

Maybe you have not heard of Inroads which is understandable in some ways.

Protests, vitriol,  petitioning ,preaching ( yes I  said it and some of my best friends are Preachers), writing demands and creating agendas lacking implementation and more all have their place in the grand panoply of organizational motifs.

I like the formula these days where a win-win is created.

There is way too much of the I win , You lose game playing taking place in my opinion.

Inroads looks at the cards that are on the table, looks at who is playing the game, looks at what enhanced rules can further the collective, increase the productivity, broaden the  talent acquisition, improve the culture of cooperation, model a replicable  industry motif and seizes the global advantage.

All roads might not lead to Inroads and Inroads might not lead to all roads, but there are occupational highways built , career access points opened ,  financial onramps provided,  self discovery tributaries created and dead-ends minimized .