Say it Ain't So

My good friend Earl Ofari Hutchinson shared the scorecard below. Even if I had a memory wipe that enabled me to forget everything I remember being said during the campaign by the person that over 60 million people voted for ,   the scorecard below makes me feel and down and out.
Here's The Scorecard So Far of Trump's "Man of the People" Cabinet
In case you're keeping track:
Treasury Secretary: Steven Mnuchin is yet another out-of-touch billionaire who is more concerned with self-dealing for Wall Street than protecting Americans from the too big to fail banks.
Commerce Secretary: Wilbur Ross is a Wall Street vulture who made billions by slashing jobs, shredding pensions, stripping healthcare from thousands of workers, and rolling back safety regulations at his companies which caused miners to die.
Education Secretary: Betsy DeVos is an heiress who has spent the last 30 years pushing an agenda to privatize and defund our public schools in favor of corporate-run, for-profit institutions with no accountability.
Attorney General: Jeff Sessions has a history of racist remarks -- calling a federal prosecutor 'boy' and calling the NAACP 'un-American'. He opposes the Voting Rights Act and has draconian views on immigration.
Health and Human Services Secretary: Tom Price wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act, privatize Medicare, and gut Medicaid -- stripping healthcare from millions of Americans.
White House Chief Strategist: Steve Bannon is a white supremacist and former Goldman Sachs banker who should be fired.
Transportation Secretary: Elaine Chao has a record of putting corporate interests ahead of the lives and safety of American workers, failing to investigate rampant wage theft of American workers and cutting safety inspections which led to one of the worst mining disasters in American history.