"The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference." Elie Wiesel.
Here is how All-of-us can show the love and make a difference this week, starting 12/04/2016.


Action 1: Stop Trump From Exploiting The Presidency By Being Both Landlord and Tenant of the Old Post Office Pavilion

All-of-us must dig in our heels to stop this corruption.
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Action 2: Phone Bank for Foster Campbell to Flip Last 2016 Senate Seat Blue

All-of-us must phone bank for Campbell to ensure we flip this last seat blue.
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Action 3: Stand Against Trump’s Un-American Attack on Free Speech

All-of-us must help reporters flex their First Amendment muscle - and flex our own.
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Action 4: The March Is On! Attend or Support The Women’s March on Washington and Cities Across the U.S.

All-of-us must march in solidarity.
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