Justice Trump'd? | By DR. KHALILAH L. BROWN-DEAN

Justice Trump'd? | WEAA:

Since his 2008 election, Obama has commuted more sentences of federal inmates than the past eleven Presidents combined, reduced crack versus powder cocaine sentencing disparities, eliminated solitary confinement for juvenile offenders, and directed funding to community based interventions to keep kids out of jails. Organizations like JustLeadership USA emerged to elevate the voices of the formerly incarcerated. Ava DuVernay’s gripping documentary, 13th, exposed the depths of mass incarceration in a way that Orange is the New Black never could. Uprisings over police involved murders in Ferguson, Baltimore, and Charlotte commanded the nation’s attention. And in Congress, a budding bipartisan commitment to sentencing reform provided a glimmer of hope that the grassroots vision of improving the justice system was gaining traction.