The Great Bible Experiment

Information for Attending the Great Bible Experiment 
New Haven

Thank you for registering for The Great Bible Experiment in New Haven! We wanted you to have just a bit of information before you arrived so that you can find the room quickly and have a smooth and enjoyable evening.


We will be in the Niebuhr Lecture Hall at Yale Divinity School at 409 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT 06511. Parking in the evening is free and you don't need a permit. If you're not familiar with the campus, here is a campus map

On the zoomed out version of the map you can see the full campus. The divinity school is in the area of the map labeled "Upper Prospect." If you zoom in the map, you can see more detail, including the parking area just north of the divinity school. If you zoom way in you can see the small access road that goes around the buildings and to the parking area.

The Niebuhr lecture hall is very close to the main entrance and there will be students to direct you.

Date and Time: 

The event is tomorrow, Wed. Sept. 7. We plan to begin promptly at 7 pm and will wrap up at 8:30 pm. There will be a book table where you can browse afterwards and meet the panel. Please do all you can to be in your seats by 7 pm.


The "experiment" part of the evening consists of two surveys, one at the beginning and another at the end.This is a key part of the overall project and we hope you will participate. You will get the first survey at the door. Feel free to fill it out as you wait for the program to begin or simply do it when the moderator gives instruction. This is one of the first things that happens, so again, please do what you can to be in the room by 7 pm. Ushers will collect them as instructed by the moderator.


We are filming all four events. This footage will be used in a variety of ways after the events and one of the four evenings will be posted in its entirety online. You will be asking questions by submitting cards, so you don't have to worry about asking a question on camera. However, if you are seated in the main area, you might be visible on camera.

If you don't want so much as the back of your head in a video, there will be a small section of seating reserved for those who do not want to be seen. If you know you want one of those seats, please be sure to arrive on time. 

Asking Questions:
In the packet of materials you get when you arrive will be three "question cards" that you will use if you want to ask a question of the panel. At any time during the evening you are welcome to write a question on one of your cards and hold it up. An usher will come by to get it from you and will take it to the moderator who will ask the panel. Any sincere question you have is welcome. Please bear in mind that, while there is a good deal of overlap, we are trying to keep the evening focused on the Bible in particular, rather than religion more generally.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow night!
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