Global Local Gourmet

Teaching how to make Spring Rolls for a Taste/Feel Lunch and Learn @ The Grove along with Accupressure for stress and chair yoga with Mallory Ann. If you are interested in Wellness Programs that are fun, tasty, and create a happier workplace, contact us Global Local Gourmet Great for teambuilding, rejuvenation of a stagnant team and simply delicious. The herbs, cabbage, and eggplant were from my garden. You can thank Patti Moreno, Nataka Crayton-Walker ,Bobby Walker III, Danielle Andrews, Leah Penniman, Jonah Vitale-Wolff, Naima Penniman, and Raquel Vigil for being good teachers. I can actually grow food, life comes full circle after many tries. Thanks to Mallory Ann for supervising the process.
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