From Our Town to your Reservation. This is not a VIP party.

From our town , land of the Quinnipiac nation, to Bishop Tutu Corner, spiced with King Phillips War trinkets, laden with Dutch West Indies mandates, preached by the refugee Pilgrims, by way of New Amsterdam, burying hearts at Wounded Knee, walking for generational exercise via the trail of tears and landing on Plymouth Rock of yesteryear to the Sacred Stone Camp of today. , scalps, wampum , blood sweat and tears. Furs, buffalo hides, and dare I mention the export of the first Americans as human cargo, valuable but uncivilized ! How many banks received interest free deposits of black , brown and red gold ? How many shareholders and institutions were able to build gothic "educational" cathedrals in the name of conquest?

We the people may be the last of the Mohegans but we will march on !

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