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Dear Thomas,
Schools are for kids. That’s how Superior Court Justice Moukawsher concluded his extraordinary ruling in the CCJEF v Rell case yesterday. His ruling was a sweeping indictment of our current education system and the appalling opportunity gaps that have short-changed far too many students, for far too long.

In his sweeping decision, Judge Moukawsher gave the state 180 days to present solutions to expand educational opportunity and fulfill its constitutional obligation to students. In total, his ruling requires a complete overhaul of education in our state. It calls on state leaders to:
  • Develop and follow a fair, predictable and sustainable way of funding all of our public schools based on students' learning needs.
  • Ensure that no child leaves high school with a diploma that has no valueand that all kids have the knowledge and skills they need to be successful, every step of the way.
  • End arcane policies for hiring, recognizing, paying and promoting teachers and leaders that ignore effectiveness on the job, fail to treat educators like professionals and rely only on years of experience.
  • Develop a plan to ensure special education funding delivers quality services to students who need them.
This ruling is an urgent call to action. For more than 10 years, ConnCAN has fought with you for students over politics as usual and protecting the status quo. We’ve called out the facts: too many students aren’t getting the great education they need and deserve. We’ve put a spotlight on broken policies and called for changes. We’ve highlighted what’s possible when kids are given the educational opportunities they deserve. And we’ve asked you to join with us.

Now, more than ever, our students need you. 

You can help by writing your state legislator today. Urge the state not to waste time appealing this decision and instead get to work right away on these long-overdue improvements. Click here to take action.
Let’s make the changes students need, together.  Our kids cannot wait any longer.
Thanks for all you do,

Write your legislator now!
CEO Jennifer Alexander
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