Beauty, Balance and Bounty

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In this Edition:
  • Join me for my new course, Beauty, Balance and Bounty: Jupiter Enters Libra, for an in-depth look at Jupiter, Jupiter’s role in your personal birth chart as well as how to best use the influence of Jupiter’s year-long transit through Libra in your life
  • Horoscopes for the week of September 5th
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Beauty, Balance and Bounty: Jupiter Enters Libra
Jupiter’s change of sign happens once a year. Every 12-months we get to see what growth can occur within the confines of a particular sign. Jupiter often works like a magnifying influence, exaggerating the qualities of the sign it has entered, enhancing our ability to make the most of a certain area of our chart and therefore of our lives.

Jupiter, the planet of luck, growth, expansion, optimism and abundance on material and spiritual levels enters Libra on September 9th and will remain there until October 11th, 2017. Libra is the sign of relationships, balance, beauty, harmony, equanimity and justice. Jupiter’s time in this sign will teach us much about these realms of life and how to make the most of them in our lives.

Through this course, I'll provide teachings, homework, rituals and writing exercises to help you to heal long-standing issues of lack and scarcity so that you can create beauty, balance and bounty along-side Jupiter’s transit through Libra.

In this course you will learn:
  • The significance of Jupiter and its cycles of growth;
  • What role Jupiter plays in your birth chart;
  • What areas of your life Jupiter rules;
  • What your natal Jupiter tells you about your ability to expand into the opportunities that come your way;
  • What this year-long transit of Jupiter in Libra means for you personally;
  • The significations of the house in your chart that contains Libra;
This course will be mailed to you on October 6th as a set of powerpoint sides and video recordings to be downloaded from DropBox. You do not need a dropbox account to access them but you must have access to an internet connection.

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Jupiter Enters Libra: Horoscopes for the Week of September 5th
Collage by Chani & Sonya

Tuesday, September 6th
10:17 PM PT – Sun in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn both at 15 degrees
Wednesday, September 7th
4:34 AM PT – Venus in Libra sextile Saturn in Sagittarius both at 10 degrees
Friday, September 9th
4:18 AM PT – Jupiter enters Libra
Saturday, September 10th
6:10 AM PT – Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces both at 10 degrees
Sunday, September 11th
0:45 AM PT – Venus in Libra square Neptune in Pisces both at 10 degrees
This week finds us right in between eclipses. Right in the thick of it. Right in the swing of things.
Friday’s first quarter moon in Sagittarius gives us half the light to see by. Half of the picture. Eclipses tend to be times of great change. Notice what is unfolding. Notice what has loosened, shifted or healed unbeknownst to you. Sometimes it’s the smallest shifts that tip the scales. Sometimes we catch a detail and it unravels an entire truth. Sometimes we realize the most painful situations in our lives are far more complicated than we imagined. Be a student of the unseen. Remember to keep room for what you don’t know.
The moon passes over bumpy territory on Thursday and Friday as it reaches the critical first quarter square. Making conjunctions to both Saturn and Mars, the end of the week could bring with it frustrations and limitations. But these are also days that are critical in terms of our understanding of the eclipse’s meanings and teachings.
Mercury, still retrograde, adds mystery to the mix. Facts resurface. Information goes missing. Pieces of the story that you never knew get retold at the perfect time. Just when you think you have all the facts, you realize that there is another layer. By week’s end, Mercury too is at the mid-point of its retrograde cycle.
While this week is framed inside of eclipse season and Mercury retrograde, it also has its own very significant astrology.
Jupiter is changing signs and Saturn makes its last square to Neptune. 
Saturn has been in a square aspect to Neptune since last November. This week will unveil the culmination of that aspect, though the fall out will be with us for months, if not years, to come. Astrological influences work like waves; there is always a build up, peak and release. Saturn square Neptune has shown us many a structural meltdown, both on the world stage and in our own personal lives. Dissolution had to happen. Now it’s time to see what shape things are left in.
Jupiter’s change of sign happens once a year. Every 12 months we get to see what growth can occur within the confines of a particular sign. Jupiter often works like a magnifying influence, exaggerating the qualities of the sign it has entered, enhancing our ability to make the most of a certain area of our chart and therefore our lives.
This week Jupiter enters Libra. Libra is the sign of relationships, balance, beauty, harmony, equanimity and justice. Jupiter’s time in this sign will teach us much about how to be in partnerships of all kinds. Libra is a social air sign whose job it is to initiate relationships. Venus rules Libra and, until September 23rd, Venus will be in Libra along with Jupiter. This is an astrological gift to be grateful for. Venus in Libra amplifies this astrology and heightens our ability to create connections, build bridges and bring folks together. 
Relationships are our spiritual goldmines.
Jupiter expands whatever it touches. So while Jupiter’s time in Libra should bode well for our ability to create more connection, it still depends on our individual ability to work with what is given to us. 
This week’s horoscopes are focused on Jupiter’s entrance into the house in your chart that contains Libra. For an in depth look at Jupiter, Jupiter’s role in your personal birth chart as well as how to best use the influence of Jupiter’s upcoming transit through Libra in your life please join me for Beauty, Balance & Bounty: Jupiter Enters Libra.
*Horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. They both contain important information. You’ll know which resonates more for you from week to week. Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you find inspiration here we love and appreciate donations. If you want to share this work you must quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around, we really appreciate it and you!


Aries & Aries Rising
Open up to what love could be. Notice the limits you place on it. Notice the ideas you have about how relationships work in your world. Notice the color that you call companionship. Notice the song you sing to your sweethearts. Notice the way you hold your love’s love for you. Notice your way of working with commitment. 
This is your year to liberate your ideas about the potential of your partnerships. This is your year to unlearn what has kept you from experiencing joy here. This is your year to release your grip around the neck of what you have needed love to be.
Let it be.
See the ways you stop it from coming. Look for the ways in which you refuse it when it knocks on your door. Learn to have gratitude for every little moment that you spend with it. Learn to forgive your heartbreaks and your heartbreakers. Release your regrets. Know that the wisdom of your heart predates every single suture its had. Your heart knows how to heal. It’s wisdom is undeniable. Listen to it. It holds every remedy you’d ever needed to heal it.
Staying committed to our old wounds keeps our energy tied up in the tiny places that they occupy. Your heart’s potential, your energy, your purpose here on earth is to learn how to expand into love’s great spaces. Give yourself that gift. Give yourself that experience. Give yourself that kind of adventure.


Taurus & Taurus Rising
Jupiter’s year long transit through Libra wants to help you to create fortuitous relationships with those that you work with, for and alongside. It wants to help you grow your business into a thing of beauty. It wants to help you grow your role at work so that you are in contact with more folks and engaged with more of the relationships that can support you. It wants to give you a raise, both financially and in terms of your confidence. It wants to boost your confidence so that the rest of your work is boosted too. It wants to help bring through the partnerships that can bring you more opportunity.
Learn how to work well with others.
Learn how to be a source of generosity for the folks you work with. Be big there, bigger than the small stuff that you might normally sweat. Choose balance over stress. Choose equality over personal power. Choose diplomacy over domination, control or coercion. Be decidedly down for equality in the work place. Equal pay is just a part of the equation you might be trying to figure out here. Changing some part of the game of your daily work routine so that there is more for everyone could be a key to your overall success.


Gemini & Gemini Rising
Jupiter’s year-long transit through your 5th house will most likely raise your ability to attract to you what you most desire. Jupiter helps us to open, receive and say yes to what we might normally shut down, turn off or keep at a distance. Jupiter amplifies what we have. Jupiter makes more of what is already present. Jupiter whispers the encouragement that we need to up-level our lives.
Jupiter in your 5th house magnifies all manner of love lessons, creative energy, pleasure, fun, creative projects and your relationships to the children in your lives. Jupiter’s year in your 5th house can bring you quite a few good times, but this month in particular brings you double the magnetic charm, charm that can help you to attract all manner of magical cross-pollinations.
Cast your spells wisely.
The kind of creative, romantic energy that runs through you now has a way of revealing the creative abilities you have but that you have long forgotten about. It opens your awareness to the many possibilities of how to use your energy. It opens you up to the power of your own creativity. It helps you to remember what kind of a good time is possible when you learn how to love what you have to work with and you aren’t afraid to work it.
September is a party for you in many ways, but try not to squander the energy. Let the fun feed into your creative projects and all you wish to accomplish in your creative life this year. 


Cancer & Cancer Rising
Commit to not passing on your family pain elsewhere. When you catch yourself doing so, make sure to make amends as quickly as possible. 
One of the greatest spiritual assignments that we are given is to break the cycle of abuse, violence, neglect, shame, pain and victimhood in our families. It is up to each one of us to become conscious of how we carry what we most despise about our family dynamic. It’s up to each one of us to love ourselves into a new family paradigm.
It’s time to develop your capacity to create a loving base. It’s time to get bigger than the old monsters under the bed. It’s time to realize that those old threats are as puny as a pea and you are a channel for gargantuan amounts of love.
You can heal the childhood wounds you carry. You are healing this old idea of not being enough. You are healing whatever family story seems to trap you, limit you or leave you languishing. You don’t have to stay contracted. You don’t have to stay crunched and hunched and hidden in fear of past pains resurfacing.
This year wants you to expand beyond your personal story. It wants to help you heal the old relationship dynamics. It wants you to see past the past. It wants to grow your home, your family and your positive feelings of connection to it. It wants you to know the wonders of home and how to heal your relationship to it.


Leo & Leo Rising
Life’s about to get busier. It’s about to get you out and about the neighborhood. It’s about to fill up your social calendar. It’s about to open you up to the fortunes that lay right in front of you, through the folks you see everyday, through your routines, through your brothers, sisters and extended fam. It’s time for you to be delivering and receiving all kinds of sweet messages. It’s about to amplify your message. It’s about to make you the talk of the town.
It’s about to be fun.
Especially these next couple of weeks. You’ll have ample opportunity to get your message far and wide. Get your newsletters together, get your invites ready to go, get out to the local spots that help you feel the possibility of being collaborative. There is a great fortune in your connections. There’s a great fortune in your everyday relationships. There is abundance that wants to come to you by making you open and available for everyday conversations. Tell folks about your ideas. Tell them your plans. Someone around you will most likely either want to collaborate with you or know someone who knows someone who can help you get your thing going.
Look for the folks that say yes. Yes to adventures with you large and small. Yes to building relationships that can help you to expand your world and open your eyes to something new and maybe even breathtaking.


Virgo & Virgo Rising
This is your year to expand your idea of what’s possible for you financially. It’s your year to work on seeing the the potential of your resources. It’s your year to get bigger than your scarcity issues. It’s your year to get wise to the ways in which you might still feel unfortunate.
What do you worry about not having enough of? What do you worry about not being able to accomplish? What do you worry about not being able to do with what you have?
Each of us is given a raw material to work with: our talent. It’s our goldmine. It’s our fortune. It’s our gift to acknowledge, develop and share. The next year wants you to develop and expand your understanding of it.
Know what you have to work with so that you can learn the best ways to work with it.
This week wraps up another kind of lesson as well. One involving the structure of your most important relationships and your family/home/inner life. Lessons that have to do with the changing nature of these places in your life. Lessons that have taught you much about what these to areas of your life need in order to heal, develop and grow. Lessons that have taught you about the structures that have had to dissolve in order to keep what’s worth keeping.


Libra & Libra Rising
This week, Jupiter, planet of all things fortunate, good and grand, enters your sign. Hype isn’t helpful, so let’s cover the basics. Jupiter rolls through our sign once every 12 years. It stays there for approximately one year and then continues on its way. In that year, Jupiter has the tendency to create more opportunities for expansion than we previously had. If you want to get a sense for how Jupiter’s transit has impacted you, think back to the personal growth you experienced 12, 24, 36, etc., years ago and see if there is a similar opening occurring in yourself and your life now. That astrology will have had its own agenda and impact but there may be similar themes of opening up and feeling more capable of expanding into yourself.
Jupiter is the planet of expansion, abundance, and growth. It has the tendency to magnify whatever is already present.
Jupiter can only do for you what you are willing to do for yourself.
It’s not a magic pill. It’s most likely not going to come along and change your life from boring to bedazzled. It’s most likely not going to come along and solve all your problems.
What Jupiter can do is help you take up more space within yourself. When Jupiter is in our sign, it can promote greater self-acceptance, greater generosity with yourself and, by extension, everyone else.  Jupiter can lend you a greater faith in the fact that if you take a risk, at least you are in the running for the reward.
And you don’t want to miss Jupiter’s rewards.
This week is the beginning of a year that wants you to allow more of life in. It’s also the beginning of a year that wants you to allow more of yourself out. The more you show up, the more your life will present you with opportunities to do the same. The more abundance that comes in, the more you’ll have to develop the capacity to hold that abundance and the more you’ll be able to make use of it. The more you have, the more you’ll learn to share with the world and that is the true meaning of living in abundance.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising
With Jupiter’s transit into Libra, the focus of gains and growth now shift to your internal life. Jupiter slips out of sight and into your 12th house where the growth that becomes important to you is that which no one else can see.
There is no competition here. This is growth purely for your own good. 
September is an especially potent time to focus on what helps you feel in alignment. Finding an inner balance will help you shift outer situations. Have you become disjointed, jaded or are you left feeling jilted by life. What have you lost faith in? What do you sense you need to do in order to reconnect with what brings you back around to believing that your life loves you?
This transit is an inside job. Your happiness is an inside job. Abundance is a state of being that has to begin from within. Find your internal source of abundance and you’ll have access to the kind of gold-mines that only sorceresses know about.  Find your internal sources of abundance and you’ll blow through your old sorrows like they were nothing more than a nuisance. Find your internal sources of abundance and you’ll be tapped into a creative power that will have you lit up from within and ready to rock out in the studio of your choice.  


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising
Jupiter’s year long journey through Libra, which starts this week, will help you find the communities, partnerships, patrons, benefactors, collaborators, co-conspirators and all around angels that can help you get your gifts off the ground.
You’re about to take flight. Your about to become the Mayor of Mayor Town.
Get you calendar out, you’re going to want to keep these dates straight. Get your business cards in your pocket. Folks will want to know how to connect with you. Get your game face on. You’re about to see and be seen. Get down with the idea that the more you connect with others, the more you can connect the dots. It takes a village to make our hopes and dreams into a reality. The bigger the dream, the bigger the network needed to raise it. You have a natural ability to inspire others and that talent is magnified a million-fold over the next 12 months.
Now is the time to realize the good fortune that can be found through the networks you know and have yet to tap into. It’s your year to become the magnanimous benefactor to those that you most wish to serve. It’s your year to heal your issues around fitting in and finding your tribe. It’s here. It’s where ever you are. You can’t really go wrong as long as you apply yourself and come to folks with your best ideas and your gift for being gracious and full of gratitude.


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising
You have good reason to start to feel a sense of expansion in your public life. You have good reason to have a skip in your step on the way to work. You have good reason to be thinking big in terms of what you want to do in the world.
This is your year for career.
Once every 12 years we each get to glide along with the graces of Jupiter’s year-long transit through our 10th house of career and this week, Jupiter gives you a glimpse of what that could mean for you. 
Consider what occurred in this area of your life 12 years ago. Who came into your life to help you expand your work? Is there anyone coming in now to help you do the same? What were your career goals? How prepared were you to do the work necessary in order to make use of the opportunities that came your way? What dreams were you able to dream for yourself? Has that expanded? Are you more generous with yourself? Do you have a greater sense of faith that you’ll find a way to co-create goodness with your life through your career? Are you able to wish yourself well in your worldly work? Do you feel like you deserve to be offering the world what you most wish to offer it?
If not, work on it. Uproot the demons that tend to sink themselves into this soil. You don’t need to start with the biggest seeds, you just need to tend to them consistently with big love and big kindness. You don’t need to be all healed in order to do great work in the world. You just have to be willing to get bigger than your fear of failing. You don’t even need to know what you want to be when you grow up. You just have to be willing to grow up and out of the behaviors that keep you too small for success. 


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising
Jupiter’s year-long journey through Libra will encourage you to find out just how wide your wingspan is. You’ll have to take the risk. You’ll have to stretch out. You’ll have to see how far you are willing to fly. 
Look for the journeys that lead you deeper into yourself.
This is your year to study earnestly, teach what you most need to learn and allow yourself to yearn for what you most wish to experience. Yearnings can launch us off on the greatest of adventures. Take your yearnings to heart. We often begrudge them because they force us to confront the obstacles in our path, but they are often far wiser than we give them credit for. 
This is your year to understand the nature of your spiritual connection. The way you connect to your spirituality is completely personal. Teachers and spiritual leaders can ignite something in us, but the ongoing connection is always ours to develop and maintain. Developing and maintaining yours right now can lead you to soulful treasures untold. 
Jupiter will be encouraging you to find ways to cooperate with others even if your philosophies are at odds. This transit is encouraging your clan to be the peacemakers of the moment. Be bigger than the little differences that tend to widen the gap between us. See past the squabbles that usually get you caught up in the struggle to be right. Become a leader, teacher and humble servant of temperance, tolerance and justice in all your endeavors. 


Pisces & Pisces Rising
Get your business plan together. Get your assets in order. Get to know your talents and their worth. Get to know what you have to offer others in regards to the collaborations that you wish to enter into. Jupiter’s year-long transit through Libra will bring you many a partnership proposal. Knowing who you want to get into business with is as important as knowing who you want to get into bed with. And why.   
The nature of each relationship we create is important to be clear about. It keeps things clean and keeps bad behavior to a minimum. Being sneaky never pays. The more you want for others, the more you’ll receive in the end. 
Get to know what it is you wish to share with others and what you need in return for your contribution for you to feel like it’s a fair and equal alliance. 
And vice versa.
Know what you owe. Be clear about what you have promised. Be fair about your contribution. Learn to negotiate, set healthy limits and see yourself as equally important to everyone else in the mix. If you can do that, this year will help you make major gains through all your collaborative efforts. 
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