Upcoming Events Addressing Classroom Bias to Improve Learning Webinar

Upcoming Events Addressing Classroom Bias to Improve Learning Webinar:

"The school-to-prison pipeline has been prominent in the education debate for the past several years, and youth, parents, teachers, and communities across the country have put questions of school discipline, restorative justice and implicit bias at the heart of their organizing work.
The Center for Policing Equity (CPE) has earned headlines and praise for its research of the intersections of policing and implicit bias, most recently in releasing landmark data showing how police use-of-force incidents against Black people were disproportionate — more than three times higher than whites.
Join the Schott Foundation and CPE for an exclusive webinar in which we will unpack the latest research and insights on policing and implicit bias in schools, sketch out new paths for restorative practices, and discuss the kinds of policy reforms needed in schools and communities to make school discipline reform a reality.
The speakers will include:
Dr. Philip A. Goff, Cofounder and President, Center for Policing Equity
Dr. John H. Jackson, President & CEO, Schott Foundation for Public Education (Moderator)
Come with questions, insights, and calls to action during our Q&A session at the end! And join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #GrassrootsEd
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