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Here's our biweekly e-mail update on the latest news, events, and resources related to Black Male Achievement. Below are some of the stories and research we're following:
[BLOG] Celebrating Black Philanthropy Month and Our Collective History
August is Black Philanthropy Month! Yvonne Moore of Moore Philanthropy writes that those within the Black Diaspora are not simply recipients of philanthropy; they are long-time donors with a long, beautiful, and sacrificial history. #BPM2016

[NEWS] Who Is Funding Black Lives Matter
Ford Foundation, among more than 50 organizations, has shown support for Black Lives Matter. The foundation plans to study and underwrite a “new and dynamic form of social justice leadership and infrastructure” by investing in the Black-Led Movement Fund, a pooled donor fund supporting the work of the Movement for Black Lives.

[PHILANTHROPY] #ReasonsForHope Twitter Campaign
On August 1, more than three dozen foundation executives kicked off a campaign to encourage people across the country to break through the darkness and find a path toward our ideals of dignity, equality, and justice. Join them in calling for more bridges of dialogue and fewer barriers of division with #ReasonsForHope.

[REPORT] New Orleans: Who’s in Jail and Why?
This report by the Vera Institute of Justice looks at how the City of New Orleans is using detention and how it impacts safety in the city. Research finds that Black males are 28 percent of the New Orleans population and 80 percent of its jail population.

[WEBINAR] Black Male Re-imagined: Protest, Power and Promise
Led by CBMA, this panel opened this year’s National Association of Black Journalists' Annual Convention. It addressed some of today's most urgent human rights issues and the intersectional influence of philanthropy, art/entertainment, activism, and media in elevating narratives of Black men and women.

[WEBINAR] How to Address Racial Inequities in Your City
National League of Cities hosted this webinar to help cities deal with the challenges of race and equity in their communities and commit to solutions. The webinar shared ideas for city responses, proven concepts, and the tools and resources available to all cities.
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