Running for Your Life

I have never had to run for my life.

No Bull Connor dogs chasing me.

No Ficklin Plantation owner's white indentured servants chasing me.

No Fugitive Slave Militia enlistments chasing me.

No tribal enemies chasing me.

No George Zimmerman chasing me.

No KKK chasing me.

No white bullies chasing me away from the school house door.

No Politician trying to chase away my dreams.

No pseudo-scientist trying to chase me into an academic category of

I will bolt, I will hurl,  I will fly, I will fling, I will jump,
I will lunge, I will create, I will plan, I will execute and share leaps
of knowledge and convert blood thirsty predators into slaves of peace
and common prosperity.

I will do the samba, the tango, eat a mango and explain galaxies ,
black holes and dark matter to the uninformed

What is this all about you say?

I say YOU are what it is all about.

We are what it is all about.

Have you ever had to run for your life?

The Bolt from Rio , London and Beijing, the Black Streak
that caused Hitler to shriek, the cries the came from inland, crossed the ocean.
landed in Brazil, met the Tainos, greeted the Cherokee in the land of the free
runs through our veins.

Have you ever had to run for your life?