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Get practical tools to power your journalism and a road map to move your career ahead with the latest Poynter training. This week we are highlighting:  Looking for more training? Check out our upcoming webinars on language choices on sensitive topics and the web's best editing resources. Our calendar of upcoming seminars features Poynter's leadership academyTV power reporting and web headlines and search engine strategies. And with our Poynter Prepared Membership Program, we’re making it easier for you to save as you learn. Transform your career with our seminars, webinars, certificates and more. 

Poynter's Sensemaking Summit for Journalists
Free half-day workshops in five states to help you sort through claims about some of the hottest topics in this political year. This training is free thanks to the support of Participant Media and state broadcast associations.
Florida, Aug. 13
Seating is limited in each location, so sign up early for your state's training.
Poynter Seminar
Short Documentary Storytelling: How to Create Successful, Shareable Video
Aug. 11 
Learn more.
Learn the techniques to make compelling short videos that people want to share
Cost: $29.95, Poynter Member Price: $23.96
NewsU Webinar

Web Headlines & SEO Essentials
Sept. 5-20 Learn more. You've only got a few words—and a few seconds—to tell readers what the story (or blog posting, video or photo gallery) is about. Learn how to make every word count. Apply now.
Cost: $299, Poynter Member Price: $239

Poynter NewsU Seminar

AOJ Minority Writers Seminar
Nov. 3-6 Learn more. 
This four-day seminar is intended to foster the diversity of voices necessary in the profession and to train the next generation of minority opinion journalists. Apply by Aug. 15.
Offered at no charge to selected participants with a small travel stipend.
Creating Your Social Media Strategy
Sept. 19-Oct. 14 Learn more. 
Learn how to make your social media work more effective, more strategic and more meaningful. Apply now.
Cost: $499, Poynter Member Price: $399.20

Poynter NewsU Seminar

TV Power Reporting Academy
Aug. 29-Oct. 4 Learn more. Look beyond the “what happened” to ask and answer more meaningful questions that other reporters miss. Apply Now.
Cost: $500, Poynter Member Price: $400

Poynter NewsU Seminar

Leadership for Broadcast Executive Producers
Sept. 18-21 Learn more. 
Become smarter and more strategic in the way you lead your newsroom and the people in it. Apply now.
Cost: $600, Poynter Member Price: $480
Poynter Seminar
Poynter Leadership Academy
Oct. 2-7 Learn more.
Our premier seminar for managers destined to play major leadership roles in their organizations. Refine your leadership style, update your understanding of management and media trends and tools, and receive the personal coaching necessary to accelerate your effectiveness as a leader. Apply now.
Cost: $1,395, Poynter Member Price: $1,116
Apply by our early-bird deadline of Aug. 22 and you will pay just $1,250
Poynter Seminar

Essential Skills for New Managers
Oct. 16-21 Learn more. 
Jumpstart your management career with this Poynter seminar, and get the skills and tools you need to succeed in this era of digital transformation. Apply now.
Cost: $1,395, Poynter Member Price: $1,116
Apply by our early-bird deadline of Sept. 5 and you will pay just $1,250
Poynter Seminar

The Media Innovations Tour: New Revenues for News
Nov. 14-18 Learn more. 
Your exclusive access to new strategies for sustaining the business of journalism. Apply now.
Cost: $7,500
Apply by our early-bird deadline of Aug. 15 and you will pay just $7,000
Poynter Tour

Poynter-NABJ Leadership Academy for Diversity in Digital Media
Dec. 4-9 Learn more. 
A transformative, tuition-free leadership program to train journalists of color working in digital media, developed in partnership with the National Association of Black Journalists. Apply by Aug. 15.
Cost: Thanks to the generous support of the program’s naming sponsor, The New York Times, as well as additional funding from Facebook, Google, Scripps Howard Foundation and the TEGNA Foundation, tuition for the academy is free.
Poynter-NABJ Seminar 
Poynter-Cronkite Certificate Program for Adjunct Instructors
Available anytime Learn more. Get the key skills you need to be an effective classroom teacher. Join Now.
Cost: $299 per person or $199 for a group of seats

Certificate Program

Communications Professional Certificate
Enroll now. 

Learn how to shape and share your story and your brand with this certificate designed to sharpen your skills, build your confidence and give you an advantage in the workplace. Are you a journalist looking to make the transition to marketing or public relations? The courses in this certificate emphasize putting skills you already have — writing, editing, storytelling — to work in new ways.

Looking for something else? We've got more than 400 online courses to power your career.

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