Community Town Hall Meeting, Wed August 10, 2016, Stetson Libary 5:30 pm

Panel discussion including notable members of the community representing the City of New Haven, NAACP, a former assistant to the Chief of Police as well as other supporting members. The purpose of the meeting is to afford constituents a means of voicing their opinions, concerns and questions regarding the Mayor's hard decision of whether or not to keep a relationship with Chief Esserman and the CONH. Given the context of this meeting, members of the community are strongly encouraged to attend.

Here are some questions, concerns, ideas to consider:-

- What is the meaning of the term 'community policing'?
- What do think the term 'community policing' means?
- What is 'community directed policing'?
- What can be done to improve the policing strategy in the CONH?
- How would you rate Chief Esserman's work in the CONH?
- Who would you chose to replace Chief Esserman, and why?

Please feel free to expand upon these questions as well as other questions which you may have and would like to be answered.