Celestial Weather Bulletin for August 21st, 2016

Celestial Weather Bulletin for August 21st, 2016
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Note to Readers:
The Celestial Weather affects us depending on the relation between our own horoscope and the positions of the planets in our sky. If your chart is connected, the weather will have a strong impact on your life and the energy will enter your life and, through you, the lives of those around you. If your chart is not connected, the weather will happen out in your world and you’ll observe the energies and be less affected. Sometimes we’re actors and other times we’re audience.
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Sunday’s Aries Moon channels the approaching lineup of Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius. This presents us with clear targets and tactical solutions. Mars benefits from Saturn’s restraint and focus. Sunday is a day to get things done before the long VOID on Monday from 4:48am/7:48am until 2:19pm/5:19pm when she enters Taurus.
The shift to earth energy on Monday begins early with Mercury aligned with Jupiter in Virgo, followed by the Sun’s entry into Virgo. Mercury is slowing to go retrograde next Tuesday, making this VOIDday useful for detailed analysis and health assessments, both physical and situational. Monday is not a day for decisions or action; rather it’s suited to gathering information and planning for repairs.
Earthy links from the Taurus Moon to Pluto in Capricorn, after contacts to Neptune on Tuesday, assist in allocating strategic resources. Much of the action, typical of Neptune and Pluto energy, is working beneath the surface. Choices made on Tuesday have long-term implications, perhaps wider than expected.
Mars aligns with Saturn in Sagittarius on Wednesday when his naturally impulsive energy is disciplined and more effective, just like a trained horse can outrun a wild one or using a magnifying lens to focus sunlight. The practical Taurus Moon remains in effect until 12:38pm/3:38pm when she goes VOID.
Mars and Saturn are visible as a triangle with the red giant star Antares in our southeast sky around 9PM.
The Moon moves into Gemini late Wednesday and the coming Mercury retrograde’s influence becomes more obvious. Mercury has a direct line into both Virgo and Gemini as the source of their intrinsically mental and analytical experiences. Gemini constantly seeks information to support his ongoing map of reality, and Virgo tests that map’s veracity and usefulness.
This Gemini Moon makes a mutable “T” pattern with Saturn, Mars, and Neptune on Thursday morning. This “T” pattern symbolizes high tension working within our reality mapping. Many of us will find that our maps are outdated; the world is not exactly what we’ve come to expect. The real power behind this “T” pattern is the long-term and slow-moving square between Saturn and Neptune. They are moving into their last exact square in our lifetimes that comes on September 10th.
Several times over the next few weeks, other planets (especially the Moon) will connect with the square of Saturn and Neptune, bringing the effects of shifting reality to the forefront of our consciousness. Some of these will be an “Oh My Gosh!” head smack, and others more forceful and visceral.
Mars moves from Saturn to square Neptune on Thursday, providing more examples of the above, probably of the more visceral variety. Decisions can lead to actions that, once underway, reveal changed circumstances requiring new decisions. Tilting at windmills is very “Mars square Neptune.”
The epistemological buzz continues through most of Friday until the Moon goes briefly VOID at 5:30pm/8:30pm.
Under the Cancer Moon, Venus aligns with Jupiter in late Virgo on Saturday when our feelings come to the surface. We feel the need to tighten up our personal lives by pruning our social lives of those who waste our time without offering any real benefit.

Sunday August 21, 2016  Aries Moon
Female power is on the rise with Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter all in Virgo. Seek healing methods. Review all of your diets: food, people, sounds, and places. Prune the unhealthy elements.
Monday August 22, 2016 Aries->Taurus Moon
Mercury aligns with Jupiter in Virgo bringing health concerns to the forefront. The Sun makes 4 planets in Virgo. Seek and heed useful criticism. Use the long VOID from 4:48am/7:48am to 2:19pm/5:19pm to reflect rather than act.
Tuesday August 23, 2016 Taurus Moon
The Taurus Moon, working with 5 other planets in earth signs, gets things done that last. We're more concerned with substance than form.
Wednesday August 24, 2016 Taurus->Gemini Moon
Mars aligns with Saturn and squares Neptune today and tomorrow. We can make our dreams come closer to reality. Go for the gold even if it seems out of reach, but avoid the VOID Moon from 12:38pm/3:38pm to 4:40pm/7:40pm You may be surprised.
Thursday August 25, 2016 Gemini Moon
The Gemini Moon is a breath of fresh air that allows us to step back and remap our world with new details. Our thinking clarifies as reality seems to shift.
Friday August 26, 2016 Gemini->Cancer Moon
Gemini and Virgo collide today. Offer advice only when asked, and then don't totally unload. We’re not comfortable, and can be easily irritated. Try to relax despite the internal buzz.
Saturday August 27, 2016 Cancer Moon
Venus and Jupiter align today under a Cancer Moon. Time for healing and joy in service. Harvest the fruits of your summer.
Jupiter is direct in Virgo.
Saturn is
 direct in Sagittarius.
Uranus is 
retrograde in Aries.
Neptune is 
retrograde in Pisces.
Pluto is
 retrograde in Capricorn.
VOID Moon Tables
(As the Moon moves through the signs of the Zodiac, there comes a time when it has made the last connection it can make while in the present sign. From that time until the Moon enters the next Zodiac sign it is said to be VOID. It means that things are "in neutral". It is a time to maintain routines but NOT a time to begin new projects. Ideas and opportunities which come up duringVOID moon periods rarely amount to much. It's not a good time to schedule an important first meeting or to make decisions. This VOID time can last from a couple minutes to almost 48 hours depending on the arrangement of the planets in the signs.)