A Crowd or an impressive gathering of Concerned Citizens

A Crowd or an impressive gathering of Concerned Citizens

There was a recent gathering of concerned citizens from various parts of the state that met in New Haven at one of our local libraries.

Let me say quickly that I am biased and love when meetings are held in libraries. For in my mind holding meetings in libraries subliminally at the very least conveys that knowledge is living and breathing.

Each and every one of us houses a wealth of information which when shared amounts to  Mt Everist like heights,  earth core depths and  galaxybreadths of living benchmarks and guideposts.

Book knowledge can never replace the necessity for experiential knowledge and to gather in a location which weds the archival with the living is so important in my opinion. Kudos to the New Haven Public Library system for consistently maximizing it's  peoples "real estate. "

The recent spark for the meeting surrounding the "status" of current New Haven Police Chief, Dean Esserman was a super important testimony of what shades of democracy can look like.

Folks of all stripes, colors, roles and responsibilities came together to pro actively discuss at one level the recent events pertaining to the Chief of Police's behavior.

For me at a just as important level this "crowd gathering" as the New Haven Register described the meeting demonstrated that not just the police but that government at every level is supposed to protect and to serve.

Governments  fundamental purpose is to protect and to serve. How it exercises it's purpose can only be achieved equitably  when we the people exercise with vigilance our inalienable rights day in and day out.

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