Why 'woman' isn't Hillary Clinton's trump card

Why 'woman' isn't Hillary Clinton's trump card:

"How prevalent are unconscious biases? The short answer is very. Most of us are aversive sexists to some degree because the implicit associations we possess in our subconscious develop over the course of a lifetime beginning at an early age. Exposure to direct and indirect messages from your family, friends, the media, schools, books and society at large affect these associations. Because of the prominence of male leaders in powerful roles, perceptions that social roles differ for men and women, traditional social roles for men versus women, and pervasive gender stereotypes, if you do not slow down and think about a decision at hand carefully, gender bias can influence your decision. I tapped into hidden biases in a recent study, using an Implicit Association Test specifically designed to test the automatic associations people have around gender and leadership. "

Gender Bias

Gender Bias and Leadership