Nicholas Kristof Confessions of White Mass Delusion

Nicholas Kristof:

My column today is about the racial divide roiling America, and I’m bracing myself because I’m pretty blunt: I think that a central problem is that many well-meaning whites are simply oblivious to the extent of racial inequity in America in 2016. Indeed, I argue that the history of race relations in America is largely a history of white delusion and that this continues today. Read!
That photo, by the way, is of Dr. Brian Williams, the surgeon who was running the emergency room at Parkland hospital in Dallas when the police officers in that city were shot down and rushed to the hospital. Dr. Williams fought to save their lives, and he is profoundly respectful of police, regularly paying their bills at restaurants. But as a black man, he also has been repeatedly targeted by cops — and so he fears them. It’s the kind of reality that I think many whites just don’t appreciate.