IHeart New Haven seeks Toiletries for Youth Continuum

Todd C. Foster
As part of the citywide I❤️New Haven Day involving many churches and people, my own church, Church on the Rock will be gathering toiletries for Youth Continuum. If you want to help out, please drop off items at the church, 95 Hamilton Street, New Haven.
Youth Continuum prevents and addresses youth homelessness.
Youth Continuum is a community-based, not-for-profit agency serving youth ages 14 to 24, who are homeless or in state care – two groups often described as ‘disconnected’ and who face great challenges in transitioning to successful adulthood. We are committed to helping them fulfill their abilities, improve self-esteem through concrete academic and vocational successes and by developing long-term personal interests. Youth Continuum’s efforts result in a more educated, employable and healthy youth population.
Here is their website: youthcontinuum.org