A New Day

I have embraced my glass is half full  personality type optimism .

I view the Trump takeover of the Republican party to be similar to a corporate raider who tries to revive a dying franchise.

Many have predicted that the Republican party is now near dead.

History will answer that question.

But it is true that the Republican Party was born in yes the 1850's due to the political establishment at that time  being unable to resolve harmoniously ( think Dredd Scot, Kansas mini civil war) the opposing views of economic theory at that point in history.

American political history is always intriguing to reflect upon.

Was there one democratic party, when the dixie-crats and northern Democrats considered themselves to be in the same party?

When Fannie Lou Hamer went to Atlantic City representing the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party in 1964 was she knocking on the door of inclusion, or should she and her band of political visionaries have emulated Richard Allen who led his parish members to higher heights of religious freedom expression by leaving the denominational apartheid of the day.

Did the Democratic party become a new party with the passage of the Voting Rights Act?
(Forget about for the moment, of why from 1776- 1964, voting rights were not extended to all americans.)

Political parties in the long term view come and go. Are there any Whigs out there. No not hair styles!

Let Donald have whatever remains or will remain of his party.

Marketing gambles do not always pay off ( remember old coke, new coke)

Political consumers can be fickle and  I  would have voted for Colin Powell, if the Republican party had been wise enough to have nominated him a few moons ago.

I love the Essence Festival theme of Party with a Purpose

If you are looking for a Grand Ole Party, a Grand New 4.0 4k party, looking to party down, looking
for a day party, looking for a bull moose party, looking to revive the Black Panther Party or just a 247365 experience to get down get down, the American Political Diet machine will certainly serve up something for you to partake!