A Cancer New Moon of Emotional Evolution

A Cancer New Moon of Emotional Evolution:

As indicated by the 'birthday' of the United States occurring in this same timing, the New Moon is occurring directly on the U.S. Sun degree. This is a time of vast and comprehensive surprise, with UranusEris on nationalMercury, and the coming Full Moon on the nation's Pluto, so that almost anything can and will happen. It is indeed an important time for the United States right now, as it is also for Europe. While certain factors might be dying, others are being re-born, and this last is a vitally important take-away from the current astrology. There is always plenty of room for hope, and for eventually obtaining positive outcomes.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon in the 13th degree of Cancer is quite interesting, being "One hand flexed, with a prominent thumb." This can be considered an emblem for a "thumbs-up" of positive intention, and, as well, a symbol for the will. Marc Edmund Jones remarks upon a person as being forced to either "rule his [or her] environment, or surrender [their] own potentialities forever... practicality brought to the point of ruthlessness." We might add that an implacable determination on the part of each one of us could prove to be exactly what is necessary now, as the astrological symbolism suggests. This is if we are to actually see our intention through, so that the values to which we collective aspire become implemented in the society that surrounds us. Otherwise we might as well give up the ship and allow impersonal forces, or faceless and dysfunctional institutions, to control our individual human destiny.