10 Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Mindfulness And Meditation - Forbes

10 Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Mindfulness And Meditation - Forbes:

In a 2015, Central Michigan University study by Professor Adam Lueke, participants listened to either a mindfulness or a control audio. In this study, mindfulness meditation caused an increase in state mindfulness and a decrease in implicit race and age bias.
According to Professor Leuke, “this result took place was not because the mindful group were able to see the automatic bias and override it, but rather because the automatic bias simply didn’t appear as much as it did for the control group.”
In a follow-up study, Professor Leuke took the these results a step further to see if the same mindfulness intervention could affect conscious behavior as well.  Research participants played a game that measures trust levels. Essentially, participants looked at a bunch of pictures of various people of different races and gauge how much they trusted them to help them win money in the game, or potentially steal the money away from them.  Control participants trusted white interaction partners far more than black, but the mindfulness group trusted both groups almost identically.