Yale brings smoothie shop to Dixwell | Yale Daily News

Yale brings smoothie shop to Dixwell | Yale Daily News: "With the opening of Tropical Smoothie Café on 15 Dixwell Ave., landlord Yale University Properties has begun the process of developing their holdings in the Dixwell neighborhood.

Tropical Smoothie Café, a national chain serving pureed fruit drinks and fresh foods, opened its doors Aug. 31 behind the Payne Whitney Gym on the ground floor of a five-story apartment building. Manager Zarko Stojanovski said Yale approached the chain last year in an effort to add health-focused restaurants to its mix of tenants. Dixwell Avenue, which runs in front of the café, does not have as much foot traffic as the Broadway shopping district, Stojanovski said. But, he anticipates more visitors to his store once UP adds more retailers to its Dixwell holdings.

“I don’t know what UP’s vision is,” Stojanovski said. “But, we are pioneering here on Dixwell, we are the first of the building’s tenants.”"