Walking For Peace

Watch Gloria Steinem speak about Our Shared Humanity
“The reason we know that we are going to be able to learn is because we are not all the same.” —Gloria Steinem
It takes deep courage to act for peace in the midst of conflict. This month on International Women's Day for Disarmament (May 24), Gloria Steinem is walking with women from South Korea and North Korea, a coalition of activists, and Nobel Peace laureates to call for peace and reunification. In this video from Women & Power 2009, she reminds us that the differences between us are the strength of our common humanity.
This May, watch Chung Hyun Kyung build friendship between North Korean and South Korean women, Betty Williams explain how she works for peace, and Riane Eisler describe the spiritual courage of overturning the status quo in our growing Women & Power Video Library.

Sister Joan Chittister

Women's Role in Peace

Sister Joan Chittister asks us to stake our claim in supporting life, love, and peace.
Bonnie St. John and Darcy Deane

How Great Women Lead

Bonnie St. John and her daughter Darcy interview global leaders.

What Makes This Possible?

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Women & Power Retreat

Being Bold

September 18–20
Elizabeth Gilbert Bonnie St. John
Nadia Al-Sakkaf Angel Kyodo Williams
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Taking a Leadership Leap: Seana Lowe Steffen. July 17-19