The 6th Man(women)

Often in basketball you have what is called the 6th man. The next best player to the starting 5, the 6th man is often the first to come off the bench for substitution. Also in some coaching schemes, the 6th man is as good as any of the five starters but is used to spark the team during the game to get the team back on the right track.

You have probably seen the video of Lebron's 10 year old son. Separate from the culturally conditioned trigger of thinking of how genetics can play a role, we almost always when it comes to positive father - positive  similarities neglect the mother.

Have we forgotten who has brought the son to those games and who has performed so many dutiful roles while Lebron has been playing?

Could it be that the son has learned to share, to work well with others, to be on time, to respect authority, to follow direction  and more from his mother as well?

Mother's can come of the bench, be on the floor and execute life duties as the best general manager ever could. Let's not forget that.