Let's meet on the New Haven Green this Saturday 12/13/14 at 3p. For a prayer vigil, Guests and Friends · Hosted by Rsheemah Rodriguez

Greetings My Beloved Brothers and Sisters!

It appears that every other group has voiced their opinions concerning the recent tragic deaths which have been publicized throughout the media, but where is voice of the believers? Let us come together on one accord in prayer for our communities, our city and our nation.

Let's meet on the New Haven Green this Saturday 12/13/14 at 3p. For a prayer vigil. We know God has the answer to the current problems that plague our community, city and nation. Therefore, let us come together in solidarity as believers in Jesus (Yeshua) who is the Christ! The bible offers us faith, hope and charity. Even if the world has lost hope, we can still show the world that hope still exists. As Christians, we understand that "our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness."

We hope to see you on Saturday at 3pm! Don't fret over the chilly temperature. We will not tarry long.


Unknown said…
Remember that our Jesus is with at at times and its time to March and Boycott. Pray for Justice and the law maker to change the laws to protect us. The bible said there is a time for everything and right now we are at war. They our killing our young black males and that not pleasing the Lord site. So lets fight now to win and then we can Praise our Lord for the victory. Pray for strength to endure until we win Justice for all.
How about all African-American churches take there money out of the white own banks and start a African-American own bank.