Thank you Kevin for this Dead Serious Reflection !

shares this Dead Serious Reflection. As serious as a heart attack and with the bite of the cold truth like the Chicago Hawk, raging against the machine whether individually or collectively can extinguish life as we know it. Misdirected energy can blow up and joy only comes in the morning when in broad daylight the avenger is vanquished.
From former Officer Ewing:
Just heard them reading parts of Wilson's testimony and heard 3 things that indicates poor training. First, he said he couldn't get to his nightstick or flashlight out to fight off Brown. I was trained to take those off when you get in the car for just that reason. Second, you don't pull up on somebody walking. They have free movement but you're restricted by the vehicle. You stop before you get to them and get out of the car. Third, if they do get caught up and the 'suspect' is reaching in the car you don't pull out your gun. You throw the car in reverse and get out of there. Brown would have been dragged but not dead.

An additional most inspiring comment from Kevin Ewing "
Kevin G. Ewing Just saw another portion of Wilson's testimony describing the look on young Mr. Brown's face as they fought. Said he looked like a demon. Now I never met Mr. Wilson. I don't know him from Adam. So I am hesitant to call him racist. However his actions are the epitome of racism. He thought his skin color and his badge made him invincible. He didn't need to be cautious because he held all the power. When I was a cop (honor grad of my academy class, I might add and my first assignment was the town next to Ferguson) I knew that 30 some odd weeks of training and a badge did not make me any tougher than I was before I joined the force. I had some training so there were a lot of people I could beat but there were a WHOLE BUNCH of folks who could kick my ass. And most of them were younger than me.

Wilson forgot this and didn't take the necessary precautions he should have been taught. He thought he was bad ass and almost got his punk ass kicked! So maybe the grand jury was right. Maybe his life was in danger. But not because of Michael Brown. He was in danger because he believed the racist hype. He thought he was bad ass. And because of this a young man is dead and his life, as he expected it to play out, is over. And had the prosecutor been worth a penny that is the case he would have presented. But what do you expect from a corrupt system?