Executive Director Search- Shepherds Inc.

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Executive Director – Shepherds Inc. September 24, 2014

Who we are:

Shepherds Inc. is a 15‐year old nondenominational, nonprofit organization that seeks to expand. We provide inner city, at‐risk Connecticut youth with two opportunities to grow: a quality education at a nonpublic high school, plus a mentor who coaches them to achieve their potential.
Currently about 90 scholars are enrolled in two non‐public schools in Bridgeport and New Haven. Our graduation rate is about twice that of our local public school peers. More than 90% of our students are accepted to college with sufficient financial aid to attend.
From this base of success our Board seeks to strengthen the foundation of the organization and build new momentum. We want to expand our impact in the communities we serve. (See Shepherdsinc.com for more background.)
Role Summary/ Purpose:
We seek a strong leader to help us change our communities. We need a social entrepreneur with demonstrated management and people skills. Strong communication skills will enable this person to be the “face” of Shepherds.
Essential Responsibilities:
• Recruit and nurture one‐on‐one relationships with Donors, Mentors, Students, Partner Schools, Board Members
• Lead a part time and off‐site staff, currently consisting of a fund raiser and an administration director
• Work within the guidance and direction of the Board
• Have a strong voice in our strategic planning and coordinate board activities
• Oversee administrative and financial processes
• Develop reporting analytics
• Develop our digital communication strategy with a commitment to our CRM data base
• and social media
• Manage support programs, such as SAT/ACT preparation, to help our scholars compete
• Work with schools to take remedial action when student performance gets off track
Desired Characteristics:
* Passion for our mission
* Proven ability to work effectively with a broad range of partners and constituents
* Persuasive communicator
* Self‐starter
* Flexible
* Ability to multi task
* Can drive digital strategies to meet our objectives
Qualifications & Requirements:
* College degree
* At least 5 years of demonstrated leadership and management skills in other non‐profits,
preferably in an education environment
* Must pass a comprehensive background check and screening
* Able to work both on‐site and off‐site
* Network with our community throughout Fairfield and New Haven counties
* Able to participate in evening and weekend meetings
Competitive compensation package, including benefits, to motivate the right person.
Please reply with your resume and cover letter to: shepherds.search@gmail.com Shepherds Inc reserves the right to close this search at any time, without notice.