History is Scary...

There is something very scary about how we define history. Is history a story with new chapters or a thematic weaving of common base element ingredients. Is it just the delineation and mixing of natural particles like the periodic table depiction recorded for all time? Or is just the witnessing of elemental stirring, dancing, bouncing and juggling as if the entire universe is jumping up and down in one gigantic big  tent thing that the kids love to play in?

Perhaps comparing the establishment of the early stage Hitler ascendance and the armed encroachment in Iraq is like comparing dates to craft beer, but regardless of culinary and cultural preferences is it fair to say that all  of the world is a stage of warfare, love , lust and politics?

Perhaps our attempts to become human and to transform merely indicate the futility of our refusing to recognize that we are the new dinosaurs. Condemned by our DNA to devour, destroy and self annihilate?