Infinite Diversity or Quantum Unity

I have the current personal benefit of participating in something called "The Community Leadership Program."(CLP)

While attending the monthly group sessions, retreats and small group sessions, a dominant recurring thought continues to call upon me.

Can our various experiences and stories unite us or divide us?

Can we see in hearing and "visiting" various life journey narratives freely dispensed, a map of global  human land united in purpose or do I feel like a visiting foreigner transported to someone's land of experience , drama, trauma and excitement, listening in like a peeping Tom or accidental tourist visiting a foreign land?

I take a lot of pictures for a living and we have all seen tourists busily snapping away rather than just experiencing the moment.

This CLP experience is really instructive for I love to travel and the searching question of whether we can be at home and feel at home in someone's distant land is a provocative and enticing thought.