Chef J. Jackson Prepares for a Southern Fusion Easter

Chef J. Jackson Prepares for a Southern Fusion Easter

(New York, NY) March 12, 2012 – Chef J. Jackson is no stranger to the pressure of performance; as the Creative Director for Recess in Washington, D.C. and lead chef at Entrée Metropolitan Catering, Chef J. Jackson has a new target, to introduce techniques designed to simplify the Easter dinner routine.

“My thirst for the latest in food keeps me reaching for the latest trends and most intriguing stories,” says Chef J. “My love and passion for food is so strong that it occupies nearly every thought I have. I’m always in the kitchen thinking of new ways for people to enjoy food. You should just … catch me in the kitchen.

Chef J. aims to present a twist to the common Easter dinner by bringing together delicious traditional foods like Old fashioned Ham with Brown Sugar and Mustard Glaze and Lemon Roasted Potatoes, with innovative recipes that will impress guests with the most complex of pallets. Chef J. includes an Asparagus, Green Onion, Cucumber and Herb Salad, served with a delicious bottle of Spiced Orange Wine. For dessert you ask? Chef J. shares his recipe for a Matzo Almond Brittle that will have the younger and older generations fighting for the last piece!

Priding himself on initially being self-taught, Chef J. believes great chefs are always learning and he is constantly taking classes to improve his skill and talent. Chef J. provides tips (see attached) and solutions for dinner on a budget or eating healthier that are easily translatable to any kitchen, as well as recipes that are as inspirational as him! Chef J.’s rise through the culinary ranks began at the world famous Ben’s Chili Bowl in the nation’s capital. As a line cook, he learned first-hand through sweat equity what it takes to make it work. His passion for food has also translated into food writing. At the end of 2010, Jackson introduced his food adventures with a blog, “Foodies and Fatties” (, which currently has six popular contributors from across the country.