Battle Grounds by Todney Harris at the FriesenPress Bookstore

Battle Grounds by Todney Harris at the FriesenPress Bookstore: "Battle Grounds
America's War in Education and Finance: A View from the Front Lines by Todney Harris
The reason why I have written this book is due to the fact that America’s economic classes (lower, middle and upper), as well as America’s most important institution education, focuses and revolves around the economic philosophy of capitalism. The economic social structure and educational structure in America was created due to the growth of industrialization in this country. The book focuses heavily on economics and its role in the American educational system. There are probably a few people who are wondering why a teacher in America would write a book that talks about America’s economic system due to the fact that I am not a college professor or a teacher of economics. It is my hope that everyone enjoys the reading. I also hope that my thoughts that I have written are taken seriously."