Last September, history was made when a group of parents in Compton began organizing and were the first to use California's new "Parent Trigger" law in an effort to transform their failing public school. Inspired by what we witnessed, we took a leap of faith to make this film. We have been following the tremendous controversy ever since -- including the efforts of parents in other states across the country who are trying to follow the lead of parents in Compton.

As parents ourselves, we felt that this legislation represented the first call to action to change the state of the school down the street.  We believe that this documentary will help to inform everyone from parents to policymakers as to the successes and challenges of this legislation as a measure to improve public education.

This project has been a perfect blend of Jen's education expertise, James' filmmaking experience, and our shared passion for social justice. Driven by the need to tell this incredible story, we found ourselves self-financing the project and finding any way possible to make this film (even shooting on the same day our child was born). We've called in favors, taken overnight bus trips, and even stayed in a hostel to save money while shooting on location.  

We believe that this story needs to be told and KNOW from the plethora of media over the last year that it will have widespread appeal and impact.