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True Dropout Rates Revealed | New Haven Independent:

True Dropout Rates Revealed

BY Melissa Bailey | DEC 29, 2011 4:43 PM
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After years of inflated figures, the state on Thursday released a more accurate picture of how New Haven high schools were doing before the city’s school reform drive hit town.
The new numbers match up well with the district’s own analysis when it decided last year to recalculate its dropout rate based on a method recommended by the National Governors Association.
The data track students who graduated in 2010, before Mayor John DeStefano launched a sweeping effort to improve the city’s schools.
The district’s Class of 2010 had a 27.1 percent dropout rate and a 62.5 percent graduation rate. Another 10.1 percent were still enrolled after four years in high school.
That data provides a baseline for the city’s reform drive. The district aims to cut the dropout rate in half, from 27 to 13.5 percent, by 2015. The goal for that class is a 76.5 percent four-year graduation rate, with 10 percent still enrolled.
Statewide, 81.8 percent of students in the Class of 2010 graduated in four years, 6.1 percent were still enrolled and 11.7 percent had dropped out.