The State of Black CT Alliance (SBCTA) and the UCONN Center for Educational Policy Analysis Convenes Statewide Forum

The State of Black CT Alliance (SBCTA) and the UCONN Center for Educational Policy Analysis convened an important Statewide Forum on the School Governance Council (SGC) Implementation Strategy , on Thursday, August 5, 2010 at theUCONN Hartford Campus, Library Building, First Floor Auditorium
The operative theme was, "Organizing for Effective Collaborations with Parents, Educators, Policy Makers and Community"
The forum featured a pertinent discussion of research on various States’ models of SGCs, provided community members the opportunity to voice their experiences and concerns about SGC and reviewed recommendations for culturally responsive SGCs by University of Connecticut Administrator Preparation Program (UCAPP) candidates. Strategic planning breakout sessions facilitated by State Department of Education representatives and community leaders enabled all participants to integrate theory with on the ground realities.
School Governance Councils represent an authentic opportunity to engage parents and communities in the school improvement process, yet most attempts at SGCs in the past 20 years have failed to live up to this promise. This forum demonstrated how critical it is that Connecticut’s SGCs become innovative and chart a new course in parent-community-school collaboration.
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Ficklin Media Note:
(Senate Bill 438 requires school boards with low-achieving schools in its district to create school governance councils at those schools that fail to make adequate yearly progress according to federal guidelines in No Child Left Behind. Furthermore, for those schools that are identified as the lowest 5% of Connecticut schools by July 1, 2010, their councils must be established by January 15, 2011)