A friend of mine asked what is the Ficklin Media brand? She wanted to know what is our product? Good Question. Our fundamental role is to be a catalyst, a diuretic,the straw the stirs the milk, the missing molecule to establish the bond-entity, the secret ingredient that no one can identify but is noticed when it is missing, the magic, the griot, the conjurer , seer and apostle. There is no magic to hard work and sound ethics and there is a distinction between fools gold and the real deal.

We are in the midst of a revolution pertaining to the mind-body-spirit. Every gaze- internally and externally provides feedback ( real and imagined) that like the invention of the wheel, like the invention of papyrus and like the invention of the printing press forces are blowing across this small spec of dust as it hurdles through the galaxy that are moving us as a species, as individuals, as nations and as walking microbes that are transforming and hopefully not mutating every definition of reality we have known.

The Ficklin Media Group "product" is to help clients, individuals, families, corporations,non-profits and faith based institutions navigate these rocky mountains and tumultuous seas of current existence while creating and enhancing value . Our product is one of influencing the process of your mission fulfillment, increasing the probability of success of your services, nurturing your germ seed passion, fertilizing your sprouting energies and constructively leveraging your initiative.